[Review Buku] Dear Tomorrow: Notes to My Future Self Karya Maudy Ayunda

Don’t compare: your journey is your own. (page 48)

Judul Buku            : DEAR TOMORROW: Notes to My Future Self
Penulis                    : Maudy Ayunda
Tahun Terbit          : Eight Edition, October 2019
Penerbit                  : Bentang Belia Publishing House
Jumlah Halaman  : xviii + 173 halaman
ISBN                        : 978-602-430-192-7


Guilty as charged.

I am one of those people who adore witty quotes and phrases. I love being reminded by simple truths. I love how short statements can strike a chord in our minds and move us to do something.

This book is a compilation of my experiences, thoughts, and conversations with my self on love, dreams, and life. All throughout this book, I curated takeaways–things that I want to be reminded of in the future. Saving it for all my tomorrows.

If anything I write here can make you smile–or think, then I’ve done what I wanted through writing this book.



Buku ini pertama kali terbit pada bulan April 2018, dan saya baru dapat bukunya saat harbolnas di bulan Desember 2019. Ternyata bukunya sudah sampai cetakan kedelapan. Mantap, Maudy. Buku berbahasa Inggris ini content-nya terdiri dari 4 Bab, yaitu:

  1. Notes on BEING YOURSELF
  2. Notes on DREAMS
  3. Notes on LOVE
  4. Notes on MINDSETS

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Hmmmm, lihat bab-nya saja sudah menggiurkan dan membuat saya penasaran tentang isi buku dari penulis yang  sangat multitalenta ini. Penulis yang juga berprofesi sebagai artis, lulusan Oxford University yang kini sedang menimba ilmu di Stanford University, di mana saat dia sempat galau karena diterima di Harvard University dan Stanford University. Namun akhirnya  lebih memilih  study S2-nya di Stanford University sejak 2019. Untuk urusan pendidikan, saya salut dengan Maudy, dan lebih salutnya lagi masih menyempatkan untuk menulis buku self improvement ini.




Rudy Kisah Masa Muda Sang Visioner

Yang menarik dari buku ini:

  • Yang saya suka dari buku hard cover ini tentu saja karena design cover-nya keren 👍 Meskipun ada beberapa halaman yang hanya ditulis beberapa kata saja atau bahkan beberapa kalimat, tapi saya sangat suka dengan cara para designer menyajikan buku ini dengan apik. *tepuk tangan* 👏👏
  •  Isi bukunya bagus. Melalui buku ini, Maudy membagikan semangat juga pencerahan  yang inspiratif, tidak terkesan menggurui, merasa paling tahu atau paling benar. Sangat menyenangkan membaca buku ini 🙂
  • Tentu saja buku ini makin manis dan spesial dengan hadirnya foto-foto Maudy yang anggun dengan kepribadiannya yang menawan, serta kutipan yang membuat buku Dear Tomorrow ini punya nilai plus di mata saya 😍🤩
  • Saya suka playlist musik yang dikasih Maudy. 10 lagu playlist for the dreamer. (di page 64).  Selera musiknya mantap, secara Maudy, kan penyanyi juga 😀
  • Baca buku ini juga saya seakan diajak banyak merenung, saya pun jadi banyak mikir.
  • Secara keseluruhan, menurut saya buku Maudy Ayunda ini sangat keren!

Lewat buku ini kita diajak untuk belajar mencintai diri sendiri, memaafkan diri sendiri. Menyadari bahwa sebagai manusia tidak sempurna dan dengan menyadari serta memperbaiki kesalahan yang telah diperbuat kita bisa menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik lagi. 🙂


Nobody is perfect, we all have made mistakes. At some point in the past–but don’t let that haunt you.

Please stop being too hard on yourself. You probably did all you could. (page 23)

Goodbye, Things Hidup minimalis Ala Orang Jepang

Berikut ini kalimat-kalimat favorit saya dalam buku DEAR TOMORROW:

  1. Finding myself may be a never ending progress and I choose to be excited about the prospect of being able to consumize myself. (page 7)
  2. #Dear Tomorrow. If anything, what you have now is time. Breathe and relax. Now is the time to seek and figure out who we are and what we want-and that is no easy. Until then, it is natural to change your mind-even if is for no reason other then “beacause your heart says so.” (page 13)
  3. #DearTomorrow. Remember that your journey is your own: do not allow yourself to be pressured if the source of that pressure is somebody else other than yourself. Others are entitled to their lives on opinions, as you are to yours. (page 17)
  4. The more you can take care yourself, the more you can take yourself. (page 21)
  5. The only consistency you must maintain is in positive growth ant and improvement. Other than that, what is life without changes? (page 36)
  6. Do what makes you happy. (page 40)
  7. #DearTomorrow. Everyone has 24 hours in their lives. It is what you do with those hours that make the difference. (page 47)
  8. Don’t compare: your journey is your own. (page 48)
  9. #DearTomorrow. A place of struggle is also a place where you will grow, learn, and improve. There is nothing desirable in feeling like the smartest person in the room-it may mean that you are not challenging youself enough. (pade 49)
  10. #DearTomorrow. Hey, at least you’ve tired. If failure comes your way, use the extra energy to fight back harder. (page 51)
  11. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intellegent, but the one most responsive to change. (page 69)
  12.  Do not be afraid to give, beacause even if the subject of your love gives less. In return, the world will give back so much more. (page 86)
  13. Stay away from people will make you feel like you are hard to love. Nobody deserves as much love from you. Than yourself. (page 89)
  14. Keep an open mind. Realize that you are basically an accumulation of the experiences and people around you. You know nothing of how another person got to where he/she is right now. Realize that some of the most ridiculous theories were once commonly endorsed. Realize that you could be wrong. (page 117)
  15. #DearTomorrow. Many actions can be justifield; but it doesn’t mean that they are right. (page 120)
  16. What you think = what you get. Your mind will always believe what you tell it. Feed it love. Feed it compassion. Feed it positive energy. (page 127)
  17. Understanding insecurity. Insecurity = vulnerability to opinions of people that matter to you. (page 131)
  18.  Things that shine: Diamonds. Sun. Glitter. YOU (page 137)
  19. Small steps are better than none at all. (page 138)
  20. You can tell a lot about a person by what the choose to see in others. (page 141)
  21. Do not make decision when you are in a stressed state of mind. (page 153)
  22. #DearTomorrow. Only open up your social media account with purpose. Before tapping on that icon on your phone screen, ask yourself. “Do I have anyhing specific I want to look into?” and if so, stick to that purpose and exit once you have achieved the task. (page 165)

Happy reading! 📖📚😊

With Love, ❤️


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